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MFCMAPI’s ‘Official’ sites

MFCMAPI | Facebook
MFCMAPI demonstrates MAPI client code - Microsoft Support
SGriffin’s MAPI Internals
SGriffin’s Twitter Feed
MFCMAPI as a Code Sample

General Overview

MFCMAPI: A Useful Free Tool
Mfcmapi | EHLO Me!
Useful tools while troubleshooting Outlook issues (3) - MFCMAPI
Developer Tools for Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Editor

[Using MFCMAPI to Troubleshoot](

[MFCMapi (MAPI Editor)](


Microsoft Exchange MAPI Editor (früher MFCMAPI)
MFCMAPI common usage in MS Exchange support practice | EHLO Me!
Outlook: Regeln werden nicht ausgeführt
Troubleshooting Outlook Issues with MFCMAPI


[I Know SharePoint 2007: How to update link between Recurring meeting workspace and the outlook meeting after SPS 2003 upgrade to MOSS 2007](

CalCheck - Outlook Calendar Checking Tool - Home

[Inaccessible Outlook Appointment](

"The attachment size exceeds the allowable limit" error opening Microsoft Outlook appointments
Slow Mailbox – Exchange 2010
Manage resource work hours in Exchange Server 2007 and 2010


Delete reminders that keep coming back - Slipstick Systems
help4IT - Outlook 2007 Reminder not Working
Outlook Error message Cannot turn off reminder. You may be reminded again
How to fix: Outlook cannot turn off the reminder errors
Outlook: Cannot turn off the reminder.
Get Rid of Annoying Outlook Reminders That Cannot Be Removed / Found
Remove “Zombi” reminders using MFCMAPI

[Mappen binnen Exchange User Account verwijderen MFCMAPI](


Corrupt Items

How to delete corrupt mail items with MFCMAPI >

[Rick Mitchell Solutions - RMSBlog: Using MFCMAPI to find bad messages in Exchange 2007](



Deleting a corrupt rule with MFCMAPI
Delete Corrupted, Hidden or Stale rules from mailbox with MFCMapi
Using MFCMAPI to delete delegate rules from mailbox « Exchange Geek’s Weblog
Logu info: MFCMAPI Utility for Outlook - To delete the hidden or corrupted rules.
MFCMapi to remove all rules in Outlook 2007
How to delete corrupted and hidden rules from a single mailbox in Outlook 2003
Outlook Rules Issues and mfcmapi tool
Use Outlook rules to delete public folder conflict messages

[Using MFCMAPI to troubleshoot emails being delivered to 'Top of Information Store'](

[Insight into the Ignore Feature in Outlook 2010](

Outlook / Exchange: defekte, versteckte Regeln aus einem Postfach entfernen / löschen.
Outlook: Regeln werden nicht ausgeführt

Out of Office

Delete Corrupted Out Of Office Rule with MFCMapi « Exchange Server Share
Cannot turn off Out of Office Assistant |
Troubleshooting Out of Office
How to Remove an Invisible or Corrupted "Out of Facility" message with MFCMAPI
Delete Corrupted Out Of Office Rule with MFCMapi
Using mfcMAPI to Delete hidden OOO rule

Profile Creation and Permissions

[How to use MFCMAPI to create a MAPI profile to connect to Exchange 2010](

[Confirming Access to the System Attendant Mailbox](

How to use MFCMapi to test Microsoft Exchange Server Messaging API (MAPI) functionality and administrator access.

[Exchange: Administrator might have insufficient permissions to the mailbox](

Manipulating Folders

Rename the default folders | HowTo-Outlook
Hedonists » Blog Archive » HOW TO MOVE A FOLDER IN MFCMAPI
Hide, move or delete an Outlook folder via MFCMAPI

Manipulating Items

Looking into the MAPI properties of a message object

Read Receipts

Delete Read Receipts using MFCMAPI | Outlook Daily Tips

Named Properties

Event id: 9667 – When database reaches maximum limit of named properties or replica identifiers
Exchange Server Info: HOW TO RESOLVE 9667 Events in Exchange 2003 & Exchange 2007 Servers


Messaging 4 Life: Deleting Old Delegates using MFCMAPI
Glen’s Exchange Dev Blog: Reporting on Meeting Delegate Forward Rules in Outlook
Dealing with “Orphaned” Delegations : The AEMS Flogger
Mahadevan’s Exchange Share: Steps to remove the Stale Delegate rules
Deleting the Hidden Delegate Rule in Outlook
Steps to remove the Stale Delegate rules with MFC Mapi
Steps to clean Stale delegates in outlook using MFCMAPI

Temp Tables

MS Exchange Tips: Using MFCMAPI To Delete Exchange Temp Table
Using MfcMapi To delete Exchange 2003 Temp Tables
How to use the Mfcmapi.exe utility to view and work with messages in the SMTP TempTables in Exchange 2000 Server and in Exchange Server 2003

Hidden/Missing Folders and items

Hidden Folders in Outlook and Exchange
Locating & recovering a missing folder in Outlook
Delete a hidden, stuck message using MFCMAPI | Outlook Daily Tips
Exchange 2003 – I don’t get it, Mailbox is empty – but the ESM still shows items…
IPM_SUBTREE Outlook and the vanishing emails | Saiweb


MS Exchange Blog : Checking the Free-Busy System Folder
Unable to clean your local free/busy information
Exchange: Free/Busy Not Available After Mailbox Move


Exchange 2007: Unable to change/delete OWA Signature when being generated with broken html code
Unable to access OWA: Corrupt restriction filter data
Glen’s Exchange Dev Blog: Changing OWA configuration setting with EWS in Exchange 2010
Exchange 2010: OWA Einstellungen
Einschränkungen der 64 Bit Version von MFCMapi

Mailbox Creation

Mailbox Creation Time
Exchange: Query Mailbox Creation Timestamp
How to Determine When the Exchange Mailbox Was Created

Org Forms

Organizational forms in Exchange 2007
How to Create an Organizational Forms Library in Exchange 2007
Setup Outlook Forms 2007

Junk Mail - Fixing the Junk Email Folder the Hard Way

Public Folders

You receive an "Unable to display the folder" error message when you try to access items in public folders in Exchange 2000

Active Sync

The EXPTA {blog}: How to Tell Which Users Have an ActiveSync Partnership
Mobile ActiveSync devices loose connection to Exchange 2010

Third Party Application Support

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Mail: Data Protection for Microsoft Exchange Server Version 6.1.1 Known Problems and Limitations
Enterprise activation process stops responding during synchronization of the memo list or contact list
Dealing with QMM and the Inter-Organizational Replication Tool (Part 1)
How To Remove Offline Vault From a Client Machine
Tracking/Synchronization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Outlook Client might fail if you are using the shared inbox functionality
Using MFCMapi for troubleshooting email reconciliation issues
Resolving MAPI and Exchange database problems

Odds and Ends

Using MFCMAPI to look at properties of Archived Items
Backup add-in remembers old location
To-Do list not showing up in outlook 2010/2007
OAB Generation and the 9339 event id